SEVIA receives 6070 farmers at Nanenane demo plots 

Every first week of August in Tanzania is ‘Nanenane’, a week in which agricultural companies and organisations exhibit their products and services. SEVIA participated in four of Tanzania’s mega-centres and hubs of vegetable production: Arusha, Morogoro, Dodoma and Mwanza and reached 6070 farmers!

For SEVIA it was the third Nanenane and the biggest so far. The extension officers established demo plots at the exhibition sites and organised reception centers with information materials about SEVIA. “We anticipate increased demand for our services”, says Elijah Mwashayenyi , Managing director of SEVIA, looking back on a vibrant week. “We will not forget these farmers. I am also sure they will not forget SEVIA, for the SEVIA team members poured their hearts into providing extension services to these farmers during the 8 days of extension blitz. Indeed the farmers came in numbers (4428 men and 1642 women) to see and believe. The best summary of the attendance was provided by Mary Maganga (Senior Extension officer responsible for training) when she heard about the Mwanza figures (4593 farmers attending): “This was not ordinary attendance, it was a tsunami of farmers.”

It seems everyone in Mwanza was virtually pouring into the SEVIA plot.

Theophilo Nyigaga from Moshi assisted in Mwanza. He can be a real ‘Mwalimu’ and convert farmers to do it differently and better.

The extension officers provided farmers with all kinds of technical information; In Arusha Iddi Haridi talks about cucumber production. He has an answer to any technical question.

During the first day of Nanenane, farmers from Dodoma started arriving.

The highlight of Dodoma was the visit to the SEVIA demo plot by Dr Charles John Tizeba (Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries). Epaphras Milambwe, Extension manager of SEVIA, gave him a briefing on what SEVIA is and how it is changing lives in Tanzania.

Also Mary Maganga, Senior Extension officer responsible for training, can persuade her listeners to raise better sweet peppers.

In Mbeya SEVIA did not have a demo plot. There Andrew Nyambega supported our partner East-West Seed.