SEVIA receives 325 farmers at Meru Fair 

Every year the Meru Farmers Association of Meru (Jukwaa la Wakulima wa Meru - JUWAME) organizes an agricultural fair. SEVIA has been participating for the past two editions. This year was no exception and Leganga (USA River) was the venue. It was therefore not surprising that as from the 26th to the 29th of October all roads in Meru District were leading to Leganga.

The event, which was officially opened by the Acting Director of Tanzania Agricultural Council, Ms Laetitia William, reached many farmers. With Iddi Haridi and Theophilo Nyigaga (extension officers) present, SEVIA provided advice to 325 farmers (216 male and 109 female), both old and new alike. Each visitor received a briefing on SEVIA and our latest newsletter from the new SEVIA communication officer, Halima Jumanne. Topics highlighted during the fair were seedling trays, nursery management and crop protection. The most frequent questions asked by many farmers were, “What could be used as an alternative of peat moss in seedling trays so as to cut production costs?” and "How will we reach your services in near future?" 

While thanking all stakeholders at the end of the event, organizers guaranteed that the agricultural fair will continue to be there for many years to come as it is a platform for farmers to be linked with the relevant information in the entire agricultural value chain. For SEVIA, the mood of the event was summed up by Emmanuel Elias, a farmer from Handeni, who said "Among all the stands I have visited today, I am happy to learn about seedling trays and nursery management"

Halima Jumanne registering farmers and providing newsletters.

Iddi Haridi (Extension Officer) explaining to farmers about seedling trays.

Theophilo Nyigaga listening to visitors before explaining on nursery management.

Epaphras Milambwe (Extension manager) emphasizing a point to farmers.

Iddi receives certificate of appreciation (on behalf of SEVIA) from Grace Solomon, Agricultural Field Officer for Meru.