SEVIA research is mainly done at the SEVIA Centre in Moshi and by Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), while we are starting up working with other research partners. Our findings contribute to better farming techniques.

Many crops will produce more and better fruits when using trellis or stakes 

Our preliminary research findings and observations:

  • Alternative media (eg 1 part top soil, 2 parts cow manure, 1 part sand) may be used for raising seedlings in trays instead of commercial media.
  • Use of plastic mulch in the cooler season/conditions impacts positively on plant growth, while in hot conditions the effect is negative.
  • Based on cost benefit analysis done for tomato crop, the use of a drip irrigation system is more profitable compared to the traditional irrigation methods.
  • Tomato will be more productive when using trellis or stakes.
  • Some tomato varieties are resistant to bacterial wilt. Farmers should ask their extension officers or suppliers.
  • Okra needs to be harvested frequently in order to obtain tender non-fibrous pods.
  • Removal of the first sweet pepper flower can lead to lower yield when growing conditions are poor. In case the plant has a vigorous growth it will result in higher yields.
  • A more narrow plant spacing of cabbage will give smaller sized heads.
  • Excess nitrogen fertilizer in carrots results in cracking.
  • 120 farmers surveyed in Morogoro were aware of pesticide spray recommendations but only 45.5% of them followed such recommendations.

It is important to note that these results are from specific locations and with a few varieties. Results of work done elsewhere and with other varieties may be different. It is recommended that farmers should always test new techniques first on a small part of the field before introducing them on the whole farm.


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