• Seeing is believing

    Demonstrations on fields are key to show vegetable farmers how they can improve their cultivation practices. And, by doing so, increase the yields and quality of their produce. The project SEVIA ran from 2014 till 2020 in Tanzania. SEVIA reached 48,000 farmers. Here we will continue to publish SEVIA-like experiences in Tanzania and different parts of Africa, like Nigeria and Uganda. Stay tuned!

SEVIA’S last “dance”at Meru Fair

After 5 years of intensive extension work that hosted 1161 demonstrations, trained 1435 sector professionals and reached 48341 farmers in Tanzania, SEVIA is indeed a project in transition. Read more…

SEVIA in Transition

In the last throw of the dice as regards to mass extension work by SEVIA, team members found themselves back at the annual Meru Fair, this time held in Ngaramtoni, Arusha from Thursday the 28th to Saturday the 30th of December 2019. Read more…

Interview Elijah Mwashayenyi

Managing director, Elijah Mwashayenyi, tells us all about the project SEVIA (Seeds of Expertise for the Vegetable Sector of Africa) that ran from 2014 till 2020 in Tanzania.

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