Become a professional by e-learning! SEVIA developed four online courses, in English and Kiswahili: on practical crop protection, transplant raising, fertilization and crop nutrients. The courses are inspired by Tanzanian circumstances, but apply also to other African practice. Learn by watching the clips, which are also entertaining. Seeing is believing. Pass the exam and you will master almost everything!

The four online training modules are meant for farmers and sector professionals. Together, they really are a short professional education. Make sure you have good internet connection when starting this training.

After an introduction there is the tutorial, a short clip or animation in which the subject is introduced by a professional. After the clip some questions about the subject have to be answered. Immediately after finishing this short test you will know your results. And you can correct your false answers. Like in a computer game, you then move to another subject. After having treated all subjects, there’s is the final test. This is very challenging. When passing the final exam, you will receive a certificate. Good luck!

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