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Harald Peeters, Managing Director Rijk Zwaan Tanzania

Harald Peeters, Managing Director Rijk Zwaan Tanzania

3 July 2017

Harald Peeters, Managing Director Rijk Zwaan Tanzania: “SEVIA is a good synergy of private and public partners.” Watch it here

Knowing how to use a greenhouse makes a good farmer

Knowing how to use a greenhouse makes a good farmer

7 March 2017, Moshi

Having a greenhouse does not make you a good farmer, but knowing how to farm in a greenhouse does! Mr. Christopher Elias Mrecha is a regular farmer in Hai who built a greenhouse in the hope of increasing his income.

He said he was often misled on his failing crops. When SEVIA visited him for the first time, he was growing sukuma wiki in his greenhouse.

After his first consultation he was alerted by SEVIA that his plot had a serious case of bacteria wilt. And due to poor construction of the green house, the air circulation was ineffective which caused other diseases due to high humidity.

After just over one month of guidance and good farming practice his new crop (cucumber) was ready for harvest.

He was urged to seek market before harvesting and he successfully managed to secure a market with Nakumatt Moshi. Due to the good quality of his products he was asked to consider supplying a number of other vegetables.

One thing all farmers should have in mind is that they should always seek advice before and after setting up the greenhouse. It is the farming skills that make the difference!

Vegetable farming is a catalyst for better life

Alfred John Masanja (45) is a vegetable farmer from Nyandekwa Village in Kahama District. He has been engaged in farming activities since 2000. He currently grows tomato and watermelon of hybrid varieties.

For some years and seasons, Alfred faced challenges like pest and diseases, shortage of water for irrigation, improper use of fertilizer and access to the market of his farm produce. “It has been difficult for me to penetrate the market because of my low-quality produce”, he commented.

On September 2018, Alfred knew SEVIA through training for his neighbour on proper seed selection, nursery management and spraying techniques which was facilitated by Benjamin Masurura (SEVIA extension based in Kahama District). “I wish I could have this knowledge before. Poor farming practices are now a thing of the past for me now,” he said to Benjamin.

To cope with the changes, Alfred adopted the use of improved varieties, better pest and disease control and other crop management techniques and then dug a borehole to ensure consistent supply of water for his crops. Now he is able to cultivate in all seasons. Out of tomato and watermelon, Alfred increased seasonal profit from his half-acre plot from 600,000 Tshs to 2,000,000 Tshs. “SEVIA is a catalyst for a good farmer’s life. I can now fulfill my family needs and expand my investments”, he said.

Alfred is now training other farmers on behalf of SEVIA extension officer. “Despite the fact that I introduced new knowledge to my fellow farmers, I also learn further from their success”, he happily said.