My needs are satisfied

2 May 2018

Salimu Iddi with his open field nursery

Salim Iddi (61) is a versatile farmer from Bombo village in Lushoto district, growing sweet pepper and tomato in the greenhouse while he conducts broccoli, tomato, lettuce, sweet pepper, butternut, beans, white radish, cabbage, carrot and zucchini production in the open field.

In 2015, he was introduced to SEVIA better farming practices through a demo plot of a farmer from another village. Then he decided to host a tomato demo himself, under the supervision of Adam Lazaro (former extension officer). “I was so astonished by the demo results which were totally different with my previous informal way of farming”, he said.

By attaching to SEVIA he learned the impact of hybrid seeds, proper fertilizer application and general crop management. He has been using the same techniques and technologies in other crops and obtained good results. “I am pleased to share what I have experienced with other farmers”, he said.

Salimu Iddi is a big fan of the SEVIA way: “Despite of the common challenges like changing and unpredictable weather, high pressure from bacteria wilt and white flies, since I adopted SEVIA farming practices I managed to generate enough income to send my children to good schools. I was able to buy a cow, which is another source of income as well.”

He is going to have his second SEVIA demo this season; sweet pepper in a greenhouse under the supervision of Joseph Masethya, who says that Mr Iddi’s farm and personality can inspire other Lushoto farmers to change their practices. “I am happy that I am learning more from SEVIA”, Salimu Iddi said. “Other farmers should too.”