Never too late to adopt

06 September 2019

Misana sweet pepper’s plot
Misana and his cattle

Misana Taratibu (63) has been a vegetable farmer since 1983. Misana lives in Ngogwa village in Kahama District and relies of farming as his major activity. He grows tomato, sweet pepper and African eggplant.

Poor pest and disease control, low quality of produce and poor access to the market were the most common challenges faced by Misana over the years.

In September 2018, Misana attended SEVIA training organized by Benjamin Masurura (SEVIA extension officer based in Kahama). Major topics presented on the training were seed selection, fertilization and crop protection.

As from October 2018, Misana hosted a sweet pepper demo, which was successful. “This was a good start to put knowledge into practice. I now believed I could overcome all challenges I faced in the past”, Misana commented.

In February 2019, Misana cultivated tomato and sweet pepper in about half an acre plot. “By adopting SEVIA farming techniques, I doubled my profit by getting 1,700,000 Tshs”, the farmer said. Misana used his additional profit to buy more cattle (20 goats and 2 cows). “This is the big investment I have never done at once. I see myself somewhere far in near future”, he said.

Misana is also helping other farmers by giving an appropriate advice and support on dealing with their crops. He is looking forward to establish a vegetable training center for farmers. “I am inspired by my own transformation. I would like to see the same changes in other farmers as well”, he said.