• TalentLMS Onboarding

    Welcome to the online course introduction from Wageningen University & Research. Below are a number of small tutorial to get you started. We have also included additional explanations on how to use TalentLMS once you have logged in, or when you run into technical issues.

First time login to TalentLMS

Welcome to the online learning program of Wageningen University & Research. You should have received a confirmation email with a link to the TalentLMS environment and your personal password. In case you did not receive this email, check your spam inbox first. Still can’t find it? Contact your program coordinator! Do you have your email ready? Then follow the below instructional video on how to login to TalentLMS for the first time:

TalentLMS user guide (for desktops only)

Download the user manual for TalentLMS here:


When your TalentLMS app gets stuck, there are 3 things you can try to reset it: (these steps are explained in the video on the left/below)

  1. Refresh the TalentLMS page, by pulling down the course page until this symbol appears:
  2. Visit TalentLMS on your computer, or from the browser on your phone. The access url is the same as the domain: https://[enter-project-name]-wur.talentlms.com. For example: https://horti-wur.talentlms.com
  3. Reset the data cache of the TalentLMS application.
    • Open the Settings application on your device.
    • Head Over to “Apps (and notifications)” Menu
    • Choose Installed Applications or use the search function
    • Find the TalentLMS application
    • Select it, Move to the Storage (and cache) Tab
    • Hit Clear Storage/ Clear App Data / Clear Cache
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